Think of England

think of englandOnce again the infamous Medallion of Zulo rises into view like a serpent inviting itself to a picnic (or… like a TG trope that refuses to die), in this case tossing a spanner into what would otherwise have been the happiest day of a young woman’s life. And once again, it is the unfortunate girl in the picture who must bear the brunt of the misfortune that arises from the Medallion’s use. Alas, this is something of a truism in TG fiction. Using the Medallion is most often a zero-sum game, where there are winners and losers, and the woman who loses her body is always the latter. (Yes, such stories sometimes say that the woman actually wanted, or even initiated, the swap, but to me that always seemed like wishful thinking.) Anyway, here’s yet another tale in a long line of such tales, and it doesn’t buck the trend one bit. Enjoy!

There are lots of precursors to this story in my archives, that involve either the Medallion of Zulo or a man turning into a bride, but I’m going to take this opportunity to point you to a couple of earlier wedding stories that don’t get a lot of press: “Mother of the Bride” from 2016 and “The Wedding” from all the way back in 2012.



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