Mother’s Way

mother's wayHere’s a small offering in advance of Mother’s Day (it rhymes with Mother’s Way, see?). It’s yet another tortured tale of a son who is somehow convinced (or forced) into taking his mother’s place, which does include her duties in her new husband’s bed (he’s not the father, in case you were wondering). But the real question is “for God’s sake, why?” and what happens next? For the answers to these questions, tune in right now and enjoy your trip!

There are more than a few son-to-mother tales in my past, the most recent of which was this year’s “Gone But Not Forgotten“. I’ll leave it at that.


13 thoughts on “Mother’s Way

  1. Even with the “getting away with it”…. the death and emotional torture of the mother is what stuck. But I understand, needing to wrap things up and all.

    My gawd… it’s so hot I couldn’t write a grocery list today. Although I can see some interesting possible extensions of the story…….

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  3. after reading this story I got to thinking Dan not only had an original wife but now had a Girlfriend on the side so the Mother got played Dan finally left her for her younger daughter they got married and lived happily ever after. and Dan and his new wife adopted a baby and the daughter even had the joys of breastfeeding her new daughter. The ex-wife finally accepted her fate and was the best Grandmother someone could be.

  4. I’ve never known you for meanness. …except for the times when you murdered the original girl…… but this whole plot was mean. And the bitch happily gets away Scott free.

    • Your original impression was correct: I’m not mean. There isn’t a mean bone in my body. As for “murdered the original girl”, I’m not sure what story you’re referring to. I’m quite sensitive to the whole “identity death” thing and I avoid it like the plague (I certainly do now). If I slipped up somewhere (and I probably did, somewhere way back when), then that’s the exception and not the rule. As for this quick little tale, you’re right; what the mother did was certainly selfish and could be characterized as mean. This isn’t really a defense, but a fair number of mothers in TG fiction do exactly this sort of thing, for reasons that wouldn’t hold water in the real world. In my longer works I do try to write more well-rounded characters with believable motivations, but for a quickie vignette like this—yeah, I guess I’m part of the problem. At least I’m in good company. 🙂

      • After 5 years as Dan’s wife…..I think my revenge, especially after the unplanned Thai job…. would have been to KEEP him! Even once he knows I can convince him I’m in love with him; besides, I know, and *do* all the naughty things he likes that SHE won’t do! “Come on Danny! Why should we reward her for using us like this, when you know we really do love each other, hypnosis removed or not!!”

        Oh yes, revenge can be…. delicious!

      • I can’t recall the titles, but one story finished with placing the mother, tied, in the closet….where she would watch the new HER seduce her lover…….but had been injected with an air bubble to stop her heart.
        Another story had the guy/girl so fixated on this one girl everyone loved that “she” learned to emulate her perfectly….with the other girl being aware. It was great until it was decided that there could only be ONE…the other had to die. Shudder. …. couldn’t you have shipped them off to a harem or something. The bubble bit actually hurt…. but, I’m still reading, and re-reading, and

      • The story you’re referring to is “The Replacement”, the earliest tale on this website (2007). It’s got great visuals, but it’s pretty brutal the way the plot plays out—in particular with the murderer (the son who replaces his mother) totally getting away with it. Nowadays I try to be more nuanced, where those who act selfishly eventually get their due. You have to write longer stories to do that, though.

  5. Sorry to have repeated my story. When ever I read your stories about a mother and son swapping out in some way it reminds me of the relationship I had with my own mom and her acceptance, support and sense of humor. I will continue to enjoy these stories in some way as you write them but I’ll try not to rewrite about my same experience.

    • Don’t apologize. Some people who see this page won’t have seen the other one (wherever that was) and your story is definitely of interest to many of us. Feel free to keep commenting, whenever the spirit moves you! 🙂

  6. While mom never went that far… she did come up with the idea while I was in high school that we should trick or treat dressed as each other. Our neighbors had a lot of laughs over it especially when I’d crack the line, “Oh this girdle is killing me!” So while she never had me take her place, we did get to be each other one night a year.

    • That sounds familiar; I think you might’ve mentioned that before (and I’ve written about this before). I can only imagine what that would’ve been like. I’m fairly sure (but not completely sure) that my mom dressed me up as a little witch one Halloween, but the memory is faint and it’s possible that it’s a false construct (that really does happen).

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