Ames Bond: Revised!

ames bond revisedI can safely say that I’ve never written a caption about James Bond before—and whaddya know, I still haven’t! This one comes pretty close though (only one letter off), wherein a man falls into the clutches of a supervillain who has confused fact with fiction when it comes to the world of international espionage and general evil-doing. What will the dastardly villain do with poor Ames Bond, so named by his parents in the midst of a violent argument over who was the better Bond: Roger Moore or Timothy Dalton. (They were both wrong, of course; it’s a toss-up between Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, depending on whether you favor the classic suave Bond or the modern craggy version.) Anyway, this caption is about what happens to poor Ames Bond when he gets mixed up in all this. Enjoy!

Eagle-eyed readers with long memories might recognize this interesting picture as one that I used back in 2015; it’s on the second page of the six-page vignette “Inside Job“.


P.S. We’ve got ourselves here another bulky caption with lots of text, so here’s the JPG for those in need of it.

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