committedI’ve done a few of these captions that try to capture the feeling a cross-dresser has when facing the prospect of leaving the friendly confines of one’s home and entering the great big scary world that comes fully stocked with (shudder) other people. Why return to this subject time and time again? It probably has something to do with the age-old advice authors often receive when they’re getting started: write what you know. And boy oh boy, do I ever know this particular subject. Enjoy the fruits of my fears!

This caption hearkens all the way back to what might have been my first on this subject, 2014’s “Courage and the Crossdresser“. (As you can see, it was so long ago that I wasn’t sure whether or not to hyphenate the word cross-dresser. A lot of people do, but I’ve decided that it reads better hyphenated. Interesting, huh?) You could also check out “Compulsion and the Cross-dresser” from 2016 (and check out that hyphen).


P.S. Another large caption with a lot of text, so here’s the JPG.

11 thoughts on “Committed!

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  2. Until one makes that trip across the hotel lobby a few times, their tummy rumbles… my first time, I left the room card for the lock in the room, I did have my wallet in my purse to show the evening desk clerk who I was …. but I continue to dress in female form whenever I can ….

    • Wow, I must admit, I didn’t know the lady was a cross-dresser. The ultimate compliment, perhaps! If she has indeed passed on, I offer my condolences to those who knew her, and my apologies for using her photo without permission. I hope she would have approved of the tasteful (and topical) caption that her image graces.

      • As far as I’m aware Elizabeth is very much alive; she simply shut down all her ‘public’ web presence. You’ll find reposts of her pictures on Flickr, Pinterest and Tumblr and the occasional ‘tribute’ video on YouTube.
        I’m sure Elizabeth would be amused – and pleased – to be the subject of your work.

      • Whoops! Guess I misunderstood that “sorely missed” comment. After your message, I did see the Flickr pics and the tribute video. She definitely made (and hopefully still makes) a great-looking gal!

  3. You have been on a real creative roll these last few weeks with some enjoyable stories…it must be spring and all those winter “blues” are bursting forth and creativity is flowing forth

    • You’re right. I’ve been feeling much better the last few weeks. The winter blues are over (in this neck of the woods), I can get outside more and everything generally feels more upbeat.

  4. Committed is a realistic account of what many go through almost everyday. Thank you for expressing the feelings and emotions in a great story line.

    • You’re welcome, Michelle. Although I’m not sure how many of us go to the trouble of putting solvent in a locker at the airport. Hopefully not too many. 🙂
      But yes, it certainly is realistic. Been there, felt that. Kind of nice to know, though, that other people go through the same thing.

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