A Lady of Uncommon Virtue

lady of uncommon virtueI’ve never quite understood the fantasy appeal some of us have about turning into a woman who isn’t that smart. Even as a female stereotype it’s every bit as dated as the so-called ideal housewife of the 1950s. For most of us (all of us?), becoming a beautiful girl would be a big step up in the world, so why not have it all and be a smart, compassionate woman as well? Anyway, here’s an example of how that might work, when a guy asks a genie to create his ideal woman and gets a bit more than he bargained for. Enjoy!

I’m sure my generally progressive values have slipped into more than a few captions and stories over the years, so I’ll just point you to this one other example: “Earth Girls Save the World” from 2014.


lady of uncommon virtue

A Lady of Uncommon Virtue caption

5 thoughts on “A Lady of Uncommon Virtue

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  2. Curious how in these sorts of stories no one ever spends one wish to do something properly altruistic. Still… the new girl making him do the right thing is certainly the next best thing (and much appreciated).

  3. Oh, I really like that! The idea of becoming an empowered woman who expects to be romanced, and who has risen above “boys and their toys” is such a nice twist.

    • Thanks, Sally. Plus, you get the feeling that it won’t be long before she’s the one running the show, while her cute little hubby is off pretending to be Marty McFly on his flyboard!

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