Naked Ambition

naked ambitionWe’ve seen this story before: an ambitious secretary is working for a boss who’s not as smart as she is, but has the advantage of a system that rewards him simply for being male. She does most of the work, but the system is stacked against her. Good news! The infamous Medallion of Zulo was tailor-made to rectify situations like that! There’s no big surprise here; I think the key to making a caption like this work, where the plot (such as it is) doesn’t cover any new ground, is to focus on the interplay between the characters—and sprinkle in a little humor (which is kind of my forte). Enjoy!

I’ve written a few tales over the years where a man and wife switch places, such as last year’s “A Table for Two“. The last time it was done by magic was “Two Heads” from 2015, and “The Game” from 2014. There are undoubtedly other examples in the archives.


P.S. Another wide image, lots of text, yadda yadda yadda, so here’s the JPG.

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