White Collar Crime

white collar crimeLet it never be said that organized crime does not or cannot move with the times. First, take the concept of a no-kill animal shelter and apply it to what gangs often seem to do with people who get out of line. What could be more progressive than that? Second, take the respect that women and women’s rights are accorded these days—or should be accorded by those who are still stuck in the not-so-fabulous Fifties—and add that to the aforementioned no-kill policy. Mix well and whaddya get? This bold new TG caption!

I’ve used pics like this before; not often, but now and then (I’d hate to be typecast). So I’ll just point you to the most recent example: “Not According to Plan” from last year. There are other examples in the archives for those willing to look.


P.S. A wide image with lots of text doesn’t look great shrunk down, so here’s the JPG version for those in need.

4 thoughts on “White Collar Crime

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