Lose the ‘Tude

lose the tudeThe venerable “Costume Gun” is a handy TG MacGuffin that we’ve all encountered before; here and elsewhere. It’s primary advantage, in my opinion, is that it’s effects are one hundred percent local; the only people affected are the unfortunate person who gets shot (usually a woman; which sounds terribly sexist but is actually a compliment—context is everything) and the lucky bastard who puts the resulting costume on. In TG fiction, it’s almost always a simple guy-wants-to-be-girl, guy-shoots-girl, guy-becomes-girl; end of story. But in the real world, motivations aren’t always so straightforward. This caption shows how the Costume Gun might be used and abused if it ever materialized in our own mixed-up society. Enjoy!

I’ve visited this trope a few times before so I’ll just mention a couple: last year’s “Nothing But the Truth“, “Hostage Situation” from 2016, and the classic son-to-mother short story “Perchance to Dream” (okay, three).


lose the tude

Lose the ‘Tude caption

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