The Big Switcheroo

big switcherooNot too much to say about this one, other than who among us could resist casting such a spell if it came our way? Not to mention, who among us could resist having that amazeballs hair? I know I couldn’t. (Yeah, I know, most people reading this knew that too… I’m sooo predictable.)

Interestingly, this isn’t my first “switcheroo” caption; I wrote “Switcheroo” back in 2015, and all I can say is that beyond the title that vignette has absolutely nothing in common with today’s caption. Of course, in a general sense, pretty near every piece of TG fiction I’ve ever written—and most of the TG captions anyone has ever written—could have “switcheroo” in the title. I’m not sure if that’s meaningful in any larger sense, but… yeah.


P.S. This is quite a wide image, which most seem to be these days, so here’s the JPG version for those who want it.

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