The Feminization of Geofferson Janeway

geofferson janewayWe’re back! With a tale of cross-dressing unlike anything you’ve ever encountered before! Well… it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and I’m fairly well read (or at least well browsed) in the genre; although I must admit that I’ve never bought a TG story from Amazon, so I suppose it’s possible that something like this exists there, or perhaps buried so deep in Fictionmania that few people have been able to discover it.

Nonetheless, this story is quite unique. One of the hardest things any cross-dresser has to face is when and how tell their loved one (or ones) about the terrible secret they’ve been keeping. (I use the word terrible in a comedic ironic sense here, because in reality there’s nothing terrible about being a cross-dresser or doing what it is that cross-dressers tend to do, even though some people think there is. Screw ’em!) Hence, this is the tale of how one deeply closeted and conflicted cross-dresser ended up emerging from the closet, in his full feminine finery, having apparently had the act thrust upon him by events far beyond his control. Enough preamble: make way for a madcap romp through the cross-dressing experience! Enjoy!


Geofferson Janeway promo

The Feminization of Geofferson Janeway promo

9 thoughts on “The Feminization of Geofferson Janeway

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  2. Another really inventive one Amanda. You’re still one of my favourite authors. This one gets close to the witch house, but that one is still my favourite.
    Kiss, kis
    Monique s

    • Thanks, Monika. It’s nice to be a favorite! The Witch House is one of my favs too, for the imagery involved. I do have plans for another horror-themed TG story, but one that’s very very different, from both the Witch House and anything else I’ve done! 🙂

  3. One of the strengths of the story is strong character development for Yvonne. It’s nice to see and try to understand the perspective of the spouse to all this. She’s very understanding and very tough. Developing a good cis female character shows that your own gender transformation has been pretty complete.

    Blending in the high tech mind systems to influence the brain added a clever twist.

    I saw something on the internet yesterday that might provide some more material for the future. Some scientists in the UK are positing that the Y chromosome will disappear. It’s millions of years away, but the Y chromosome is fragile because unlike all the chromosomes on the genome, it’s not part of a pair.

    You like some sci-fi themes. There’s material there….

    I enjoy your writing. Thanks

    • Glad you enjoyed! I’ve heard about the Y-chromosome thing, but I also read somewhere that its possible disappearance has been overstated, and anyway who can wait a million years for that to happen? But thinking about genetic re-sequencing with the CRISPR technique… hmmm!

    • Thank you. I was aiming for “best yet”. 🙂 Seriously, though, I suspect every writer thinks (or assumes, or hopes) that their latest story will be just that little bit better than anything they’ve written before, because they’re just that little bit more experienced. I’m no different in that regard.

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