Meet the New Mommy

meet the new mommyAllow me to set the stage: you’re a little boy in elementary school, you’re sitting in class one day, and the next thing you know you’re back home—only you’re not yourself anymore… you just swapped bodies with your attractive young mother. (No, it isn’t the Great Shift or the Role-Switcher or any other lame excuse TG writers have come up with over the years; an explanation is neither given nor required here—all that matters is that it happened.) And you find new, more mature thoughts crowding into your mind. You know things you didn’t know before. And slowly, you come to realize that you really aren’t a little kid anymore. You’re an adult; you’re a grown-up woman. I think you can see where this is going…

I have, of course, visited the son-becomes-his-mother trope before; most recently in “I’m the Mommy“. But I usually steer clear of the son being less than eighteen years of age, because the whole notion of underage sex is something we can and should avoid. Needless to say, this caption depicts no such act. However, it does hint at what seems destined to occur in the near future—but I believe we avoid crossing a line here for the simple fact that this person is no longer a child. She’s a grown-up woman, and that shows up in the very nature and tenor of her thoughts. I may be splitting hairs here, but let’s agree that it’s an important hair to split (so to speak).


P.S. Apologies here to The Who for appropriating and altering some of the lyrics to their classic song “Won’t Get Fooled Again“.

P.P.S. We’ve got us another wide image, so here’s the JPG version for anyone who needs it.

5 thoughts on “Meet the New Mommy

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    • I appreciate your interest, but no; the story, such as it is, is complete. The plot, also such as it is, encapsulates the pivotal moment in the character’s life and that’s what stories do. There’s no further narrative tension here to drive the plot any farther.

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