Goddess of the Moon

goddess of moonHere’s a caption for all you autogynephiliacs out there. (Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you, buddy.) There’s no explanation given for how this man came to be transformed, but let us speak the truth: does it really matter? We’ve got a list of excuses as long as your arm (medallions, ray guns, curses, worldwide bodyswap events) for how a guy might turn into a girl, but all that really matters is what’s right here in this caption. To those who doubt, read on!

The sensuous nature of this transformation reminds me of last year’s “Ambrosia for Your Lips“, and “Disbelief” from 2015, although there could well be others scattered throughout the archives.


P.S. This image is a bit wide for the webpage, so here’s the JPG version for anyone who’s into that sort of thing.

6 thoughts on “Goddess of the Moon

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