Not According to Plan

not according to planI’m definitely not into bondage as an end unto itself, but the notion of a cross-dressed male helpless in the face of certain discovery, whether by his own hand or another’s, does have a certain fantasy appeal. I’m sure this isn’t the sort of thing I’d want to happen to me, but if it ever did… well, there are worse ways it could have turned out. Perhaps the greatest cross-dressing fantasy of all is to be fully accepted, quirks and all, by those we hold dear. Enjoy!

I don’t often visit the whole tied-up theme, but if you’re into that sort of thing do check out “Second Thoughts” from earlier this year and “Fit to be Tied” from 2015. The tied-up thing does show up in other stories, scattered throughout the archives, but that’s an exercise for the dedicated student.


P.S. Here’s the JPG version for anyone who saves my caps that way.

10 thoughts on “Not According to Plan

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  4. OOPS! Busted, in so many ways…welcome to womanhood, and to being the little sister! Think ‘big brother’ will be the protective type? And do Mom and Dad know? I can smell a continuation here… 🙂

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