All Hallows’ Eve

hallows' eveAh yes, the Halloween party: the traditional time for a cross-dresser to strut her stuff without fear of outing themselves. Yet there is still cause to be wary, because if you go a bit overboard and show yourself to be just a little too good at the whole femulating thing, you might just give the game away right then and there—assuming that anyone can figure out you aren’t really a woman. This caption shows what might happen. Enjoy!

I missed doing a Halloween caption last year, but before that there was “Flashback” and a Halloween roundup that listed all previous such caps.


P.S. This is a fairly wide caption, so here’s the JPG image for anyone who saves these things.

5 thoughts on “All Hallows’ Eve

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  3. wow great way to come out of the closet to your wife and your friends. All Hallows’ Eve is a great caption need to rewrite this and make it a full story with multiple pictures. But the best of all will be the double cross her wife has in store for Eve. At the party Eve finds the some what drunk man in a tux but turns out to be a co-worker of the wife’s but Eve and the man don’t make the end of the party they leave early because the wife has instructed the co-worker to seduce Eve and take her upstairs in the Hotel to a room. After a lot of foreplay The co-worker tells Eve she is going to get taken from behind with the realistic strap-on Eve bought the wife so she even had a package in the Tux at the party. turns out to be real and Eve is no longer a virgin after that night. The wife got to the party in another costume and watched her husband and the co-worker leave the party. She thinking Eve will get what she deserves for lying to her all these years, she found his stash of girl cloths last Christmas and was waiting all year. The Jokes on you Eve I got the divorce papers ready to go in the morning when I walk in on you and the man in bed asleep.

    • If you want to write about your adventures, that’s great. My website isn’t the right venue to post that, but if it’s a story you’re writing then TGStorytime would be a good choice. Lots of other websites run open forums for sharing cross-dressing tales were you’ll get lots more reader feedback than you would here.

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