Pinterest censorship strikes again

HairstylingSadly, Pinterest has returned to its censoring ways and removed another board in my Pinterest account. This time it was “Amanda’s VERY Tasteful TG captions”, which I created barely a month ago to replace the previously deleted board. As before, it contained only a selection of my own captions, and the images were all of fully clothed adult women. The reasons stated in their email were (as usual) absurd; none of the images violated their published guidelines regarding sexually explicit images.

I had thought that their previous actions might have been a reprisal for actively spurning their advertising content, but I have diligently avoided doing that since the last incident. So much for that theory.

Fundamentally, their actions make no sense. There are all kinds of TG captions on Pinterest, many of them with far more explicit images than I have ever used. Many of my own captions remain there, on other people’s boards. Why single out my account? I realize that others have been treated this way as well, but the policy seems to be applied at random.

Anyway, I will continue to create new boards to publish my work, none of which will violate their published guidelines, and those boards will probably be deleted as well. Where does it end? I suppose my Pinterest account will someday be suspended, which is what they keep threatening to do if I keep doing what I’m already not doing. Welcome to Bizarro World.


P.S. I now suspect that Pinterest is likely not doing this out of malice towards myself or transgender issues in general. There are just too many unaffected accounts and pins for that to be the case. Instead, I think this is the result of individuals using (and abusing) Pinterest’s report-an-offensive-image system to get rid of content that they personally find unpleasant. Sadly, it’s simpler and cheaper for Pinterest to just remove the content in question, rather than go to the trouble of verifying the accusation for themselves.

I believe that my account must have come to the attention of some narrow-minded individual when I followed one of their general-interest boards (such as hairstyles or women’s fashions), and they followed that link back to my account thinking that it belonged to someone more like themselves. Horrified at what they found, and perhaps feeling in some way threatened, this person struck back as such people do: doing whatever they could to remove the offending content; not just from their own sight, but from the world in general. This, of course, says more about them than it does about myself or my writing. To try to avoid this in the future, I have “unfollowed” several dozen general-interest boards on Pinterest, and will follow only TG-related boards and people in the future. I’ll let you know how it goes.

3 thoughts on “Pinterest censorship strikes again

  1. At over 60 I am tired of going from a semi- “live-a-let-live” society to a “live like we TELL YOU to live” existence.

    • Yes, it is sad. I’ve always been one to assume the best of other people, so it’s always disappointing when someone insists on taking the low road (which leads, as always, to their own personal hell). But thank you for telling me that; it’s nice to know I’m not alone in this. 🙂

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