No Choice

no choiceOkay, here it is: you’re cross-dressed, you’ve done an unbelievable job of turning yourself into a gorgeous woman (and I do mean unbelievable), and yet you’re reluctant to take the next step—which is, of course, to march out the door and present yourself to the world as the woman you now are (for all intents and purposes). What’s the deal with that? Fear, my friends, pure and simple. Fear of discovery, fear of rejection, even fear of violence. I’ve touched on this theme many times before because it’s one I can easily relate to, as can most (if not all) readers of this website. I can’t claim to ever have made this convincing of a woman (close, maybe, at one time), or to ever have had precisely the same goal as her, but I do know how she feels. Whether or not you’ve ever been in this situation, you will be able to relate—because her fear is our fear. Enjoy.

Off the top of my head, this caption reminds me most of last year’s “Feel the Fear” and “Courage and the Crossdresser” from back in 2014. And for those of you with long memories, yes I have indeed used this picture before, in last year’s “Irresistible“, which come to think of it is also an awful lot like this caption. Oh, well. There’s just something about gorgeous women gazing into mirrors that appeals to me.


P.S. This is another wide image, so for those of you collecting the JPG versions of my captions here it be.

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