Welcome to Wonderland

welcome to wonderlandIf you’ve read it once, you’ve read it a thousand times: a man and his wife decide to switch places with each other on the eve of renewing their marital vows. What? You’ve never even heard of such a thing before? Man, where have you been? This may be a little-known TG trope, but it’s got to be part of the core curriculum. I first encountered it in a two-part caption by famed captioneer Jen Derbender called “Marriage Swap”. Not the most inspired of titles, but it does capture the essence of the subject. (That caption dates back a few years. I don’t recall where I stumbled across it, but you might be able to find it at The Haven.) Jen’s caption was fairly short and tightly focused, but I always felt that it captured a fundamental aspect of the appeal that cross-dressing holds for so many people. Don’t ask me to state that in plain language; I couldn’t do it if I tried. It may defy any sort of easy summary. But one day not long ago I was moved to write the same story, only in my own inimitable and word-intensive way. So instead of Jen’s two-image (perhaps 500-word) version, here’s an 18-page rendition of more or less the same tale. That doesn’t make it better than Jen’s piece, just different. Enjoy!

I’ve never written a story quite like this one, but “Regulation Housewife” from 2014 has some similarity, as does “The Cross-Dresser’s Wife” from way back in 2011.


10 thoughts on “Welcome to Wonderland

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    • Glad you enjoyed. Telling details are what it’s all about. They’re also what transformed the story from Jen’s caption (as mentioned above) into an 18-page narrative, covering roughly the same ground, and with no excess wordage. Amazing!

  3. Whatever I had hoped to achieve with my caption you have surpassed with this amazing and masterful story, Amanda. I only wish I could possess the superb writing skills that you continuously display. Not only has “Welcome to Wonderland” became one of my new all-time favorites, but I plan on telling my fellow friends who love this theme to come check out not only this tale, but all of your fantastic fiction.

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