An Adventure in Lingerie

adventure in lingeriePeople cross-dress for a lot of different reasons. Some are entertainers. Some do it because their mind doesn’t match the body they were born with. Some do it to attract a member of the opposite sex (opposite to what they look like when they’re cross-dressed, that is). And for some people it’s just a really, really terribly exciting thing to do; a rush like no other. You don’t have to guess where on that spectrum your author can be found—you can read about it right here! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

The only caption I could find that involves a guy becoming a womanly bride is “Bride to Be” from 2015. There could be others, but then again maybe I just haven’t written enough boy-to-bride caps. I’ll try to fix that.


adventure in lingerie

TG caption: An Adventure in Lingerie

6 thoughts on “An Adventure in Lingerie

  1. Hi Amanda,

    Still home bound with pneumonia. I am going through the oldies but extremely goodies!

    Who among us hasn’t spent countless hours just dreaming about our wedding day….and night ! I know I have! What would my dress and shoes look like, my hair, what flowers would I have? Would my future hubby be tall and handsome? Then reality hits…. Boo… “paul go outside and play baseball with your friends” mom says.

    But Lawrence gets to fulfill the dream, from Groom to Bride!! So funny how Lawrence has to explain he knows he is a guy and most of the time he is good with that… mmmm right. Just dresses as woman for the excitement…ya sure. So lucky to be married to Kathleen who doesn’t mind his crossdressing…uh uh. Kathleen loves it so much she recreates their wedding to the tinyest details so Laura can experience being a bride for real! Of course Lawrence / Laura is gobsmacked when truth be told she is spending the night with her new hubby the well endowed Hector…. Perhaps a Latin lover type…woo woo! So lucky to have such an understanding wife….Ha!

    As always great job!!!


  2. Amanda, you have struck my real life now. When we married, I was the one in the dress and Eve was in a tux! I had to promise to “love and obey” and she promised to “love and protect”. I have been trying real hard to live up to the “obey” part…

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  4. You may find some images here: “petticoatpunishmentart”
    [edited to remove link; you can Google the phrase—Amanda]

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