Tough Love for Wayward Boys

Tough Love for Wayward BoysOver the years many different approaches have been developed and tried to deal with young male troublemakers. Boot camps, “scared straight” programmes, and all manner of psychiatric and behavioral treatments. But has anyone, anywhere, tried turning the little twerps into girls? Probably not, but here’s what it might look like in practice. Enjoy!

This picture reminds me of any number of makeup images I’ve used over the years, such as “Dismay” or “Another Kitten“, but the storyline here is quite different. I did once write a caption titled “Scared Straight“, but it too was nothing like this. Here’s to new ideas!


5 thoughts on “Tough Love for Wayward Boys

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  3. Hello, Amanda. Your discussion seems to suggest that you regard the idea of Feminizing boys as punishment is strictly fiction. I’m surprised you seem unware that “Pinaforing” or “Petticoating” has a long history. There’s even a Wipedia Article on the topic. A Google search on “petticoating” will return hundreds of hits. Yes, some are fictional, but there are real-life instances in there as well.

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