Boys Will Be Girls

Boys Will Be GirlsThe name of the game, boys and girls (and girls who are boys under the hood), is verisimilitude. For the unaware, that means trying to be as damn near real as humanly possible. Cross-dressing is like that, as I’m sure most of you already know (been there, lived it). It’s all about not just looking like a woman (although that’s the most important part), but also acting like a woman—and ultimately being treated like one. You can get in trouble trying to do that, and the consequences do show up in the news every now and then, but here’s what might happen in fantasy happily-ever-after land when one very convincing cross-dresser takes it to the max with his best buddy. Enjoy!

I did use this picture once before, in a somewhat different context in “Man Trap” from 2014. I don’t often feature a big ole kiss like this; in fact, this pic is the only one I’ve used in a caption. As for a cross-dresser generally pushing the envelope, I was reminded of last year’s “Compulsion“, but really an awful lot of my work could fall into that category. It’s a rich vein…


Boys Be Girls

Boys Will Be Girls caption

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