Obsessive Compulsive Womanhood

Obsessive WomanhoodWay back when cross-dressing was considered a mental disorder, and was listed as such in older versions of the huge diagnostic manual published by the American Psychiatric Association, I wouldn’t be surprised if those eminent psychiatrists had been tempted to include it as a subcategory of obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD). Because as we all know, to those who indulge in it, cross-dressing can be terribly addictive—to the point of feeling like a fire-in-the-blood compulsion. So here’s a juicy little book cover (not available in this reality, alas) that plays with the idea. Enjoy!

The only other book cover I could find in my past work was “Hairpieces“, but it’s a similar medium to fictitious magazine covers of which the most recent was Transformation. There are many others in the archives, of course.



Obsessive Compulsive Womanhood book cover

5 thoughts on “Obsessive Compulsive Womanhood

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    • Not directly, no. Like the graphic says, “Not available in this reality.” But in a broad sense, the phrase does caption an aspect of the essence of many of my stories and captions.

  2. Wow she is beautiful ! (I like woman with brown long hair – So I can’t explain why Tiphaine is a red-hair girl ^^). And the cover is a good 50’s revival one 🙂
    In french we say TOC (Trouble Obsessionnel Compulsif) , in this case FOC (Féminité Obsessionnelle Compulsive) ^^ witch sound a little like “fuck” 😀

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