She’s Not Your Little Boy

She's Not Your Little BoyI seem to be on a bit of a roll with the mother-son captions in recent days. I have no particular explanation as to why that might be, so perhaps we should just chalk it up to a statistical anomaly. Whatever the case, this is a popular trope in TG fiction, so I’m guessing that nobody really minds, but as it happens this is the last one in the pipeline (for the near future at least). We close this roll with a tale of a college boy who becomes obsessed with the way his mother looked when she was his age. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “She’s Not Your Little Boy

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  2. OK. … cute story. Mom seems a bit of a stick. ….but I ***really*** like that you didn’t kill this one!

    So far my favorite in this type was the mother who got her boyfriend/hypnotherapist to make her son over into her to run her company—-even providing her new self with sexton benefits of sharing Doc with her. Could she use a niece/bodyguard? ?

    • Gotta change it up now and then, right? I know I’ve written it that way before, where the original mom or other woman is somehow erased (perhaps in mind only), but it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes she’s just shuffled off into another body/life, where she may or may not be better off. It varies. I try to be more realistic in my own work now, and I see signs that other TG authors are headed that way as well.

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