Earth Needs Women

Earth Needs Women So there you are, a regular guy (or so you always thought) strolling down a relatively uncrowded street in some mid-sized town in the US or Canada (or Australia, New Zealand, parts of Europe, or anywhere else in the world where something like this wouldn’t draw undue attention) and you see walking towards you a drop-dead gorgeous woman (with fabulous hair), the likes of which you immediately figure is far out of your league. But lo and behold, she’s headed your way and even alters her path when you do, until you have to stop and there she is standing right in front of you with a neutral (but somewhat haughty) expression on her lovely face. Then she speaks, and what she has to say blows you away and changes your life forever—in a good way, I’m inclined to think. Read on!

The old go-back-in-time-and-become-a-woman is at least a minor trope in TG fiction. Most often, it’s to become your mother, as in my own “Time Travel” from 2015. But there are variations on the theme, one example being “Counterpart” from back in 2013. Enjoy!


Earth Needs Women

Earth Needs Women caption

6 thoughts on “Earth Needs Women

  1. Great story !
    It makes me think about something I called the Service, a kind of TGTF which affects the people of my old own universe (the “Lorvegians”) for a limited time (actually some years, but for a specie who lives +/- 1000 years^^).

  2. hi!
    Funny idea. two questions, just for fun! a) doesn’t ‘woman’ have more than one syllable? b) if someone external doesn’t break the time-loop. They won’t need to make children.

    Finally, and most critical to yellow haired presidents and other fates of mankind…what was the logo font you used?


    • Cheers back! You’re right, ‘woman’ has two syllables. But I suspect that anyone who uses the phrase “in words of one syllable” doesn’t actually stop to count the “silly bulls” (to quote the prince from Black Adder) that follow. It does make it (slightly) funnier though! 🙂

      Not sure what (b) refers to. I suppose that if the citizens of 2542 can just mine the past for superfluous males, then who needs to create children the regular way? But there’s gotta be a limit, right? Sooner or later they’ll run out. But time-loops are tricky business (as Star Trek often demonstrated), so I’ll leave off trying to make heads or tails out of them.

      The font is called “Lightyears”. It was used in 2001 and was apparently a favorite of Stanley Kubrick’s.

      • “lightyears” that is the reason it looked familar. To speed up page rendering i’m 100 percent out of ‘standard’ and into only “Google Fontsl: They load faster for severals reasons.

        Time loops in Star Trek lined up with no theory I knew. They were 100% McGuffin (something to push the plot) zero reognizable theory. Worm hole travel at least would result in a successful transfer, compressed by several thousand

        My time travel in Matryoscha Time uses a brand new Trope, “I’m a lawyer, i can break the law because I can deadlock any jury.

        still working on the RSS.

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