Nothing But the Truth

Nothing But TruthI have long struggled to decide whether the infamous “Costume Gun” is better described as a magical talisman or a science-fictional device. Even referring to it as having an alien origin, as I do in this caption, doesn’t really settle the issue, as there’s nothing stopping an alien artifact from being magical (although it would represent a cross-genre fusion between SF and fantasy, which in itself isn’t a problem because that sort of thing is all the rage these days). Regardless of the weapon’s nature, though, one thing is clear: if you use it on someone and take over their life, that’s murder—the big M, plain and simple. And though I hate the idea of anyone getting away with murder, it seems to happen often enough in the TG fiction world and no one seems to much mind, so here I go again doing the same thing. But at least here the ‘hero’ (I use the term loosely) has a tiny vestigial conscience: he tells the poor woman’s husband the truth about what he’s done. But as you might expect, who would believe a story like that? Enjoy!

This caption reminds me quite a bit of “Hostage Situation” from 2016, but there are certainly other Costume Gun captions in the archives. I’ll leave you to find those on your own.


Nothing But Truth

Nothing But the Truth caption

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