Mind Over Matter

Mind Over MatterI suppose this strange little tale could qualify as a sort-of example of forced feminization (emphasis on sort-of). I was asked not long ago about my views on forced-fem and I wasn’t sure how to respond. I’m not immune to its allure as a fantasy (duh), but I suspect (in fact, I’m certain) that it’s one thing to contemplate as a fantasy and quite another if it were to happen in real life (RL). We human beings do tend to value the freedom to make our own choices and forced-fem would be about as far from that as you can get.

But cross-dressing and any other sort of feminization, in spite of recent gains, is still frowned upon by society and we all grew up knowing it was a source of secret shame. How wonderful would it be to be able to indulge ourselves in all manner of feminine finery, yet still be able to say “Hey, it wasn’t me. I just got force-feminized. So back off, Jack!” There’d be no guilt, no self-recrimination, and maybe even a bit less embarrassment. What’s not to like about that? So maybe the answer is that simple. Then again maybe it isn’t. What do I know? People are complicated, and for cross-dressers double the complication and add twelve. And seek joy in tales like this.

As far as antecedents go, let’s face it: I’ve done a whole lot of captions and stories that feature long hair (duh again), and no few that utilize hypnosis as well—although most of those just involve being hypnotized into cross-dressing. (Whaddya mean just?) So I think I’ll just point you to the 2013 story “Hypnotic Transgression” and be done with it. 🙂


Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter caption (click for full text)

7 thoughts on “Mind Over Matter

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  2. Amanda,
    A very economical and beautifully written vignette…not a wasted word anywhere. It’s my first time peeking in, but won’t be my last.

    • Welcome to the Reading Room, Jan. Feel free to stay and browse; there’s a lot more like this one to see.

      By the way, I hope you read the full text in the vignette. The caption itself is rather sparse by comparison.

      Thank you for your kind words. I do put a lot of thought into the words I choose. Some people have called my captions wordy, and they’re right in the sense that I do tend to cram a fair number of them into a small space, but when they all contribute to the story, what’s a girl to do? 🙂

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