TransformationWe’ve all seen the covers of these male-to-female transformation magazines on the interweb; some real, some imaginary, some straight out of the Twilight Zone. Maybe some of you own copies. I suspect that most of us have entertained thoughts of what it would be like for our glorious feminine alter egos to appear on the cover of such a publication, for any and all to admire and steam with jealousy over. So here’s my thought for the day, of what might have been had I taken a slightly different path through life. Alas!

My last photo-based magazine cover was 2015’s “Transgender Time“, which (no surprise) is one of my all-time favs. Another example of the sort of thing I get up to when I have too much time on my hands is “Hairpieces“. Enjoy!



Transformation magazine cover

3 thoughts on “Transformation

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