AddictionMost people reading this will be all too aware of how addictive cross-dressing can be. When you’ve had a taste of it, you want more. When you’ve taken it to a certain point, to a certain level of realism, the next time you want to take it a little further. But it’s more than just a “want”, isn’t it? It’s a need. You feel this burning drive to take yourself closer and closer to the image you long to see in the mirror: a beautiful woman staring out at you, all the while knowing full well that this—this!—is what you look like to other people as well. That knowledge can be intoxicating. But for most of us, the origin of these experiences is buried deep in childhood. But what if a young man were to encounter this feeling for the very first time as an adult? His young wife might try to ease him into the experience, but I can only imagine how powerful his emotions might be—and how helpless he would be to resist. Enjoy!

This tale is so fundamental to the cross-dressing experience that almost any of my stories and captions could relate to it in some way. So I’ll just point you to another vignette by the same name, “The Addiction“, from way back in 2010 (it’s halfway down the page). What goes around, comes around.



Addiction caption (click for full text)

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