Halftime Show

Halftime ShowWe’ve all seen the products online: hair extensions, breast forms of varying quality, latex lady parts… most of us have at least toyed with the idea, in the back of our minds where the fantasies live, of trying such products; one or more, or all of them at the same glorious time, utterly transforming ourselves into the creature of our darkest desires. Sadly, for most of us that really is no more than a fantasy. But for those of you out there who can totally relate to everything I just said, this caption is my gift to you. Enjoy! (That’s an order…)

For something of similar hotness, last year’s “Luck Be a Lady” might do the trick. And for anyone who really needs an image file for this caption, it’s right here. I didn’t post it elsewhere because I tend not to do that with images that are a little bit naughty. This one isn’t all that graphic, it isn’t even a nude, but suggestive it certainly is.


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