Long Live the Queen

Long Live the QueenPicture it: somewhere in eastern Europe. A young man strolls into a ladies wear department at an inopportune moment and is roped into a job offer he could not refuse. (Why? Who knows. Maybe they pulled a gun on him, maybe they threatened his dog. Use your imagination.) All too soon, he finds himself up on a stage being transformed (yes, into a woman) in front of a live audience; of noblemen, perhaps, and ladies of the court, all anxious to see the next consort of the rather eccentric Count (with his odd taste in women) who rules whatever little fiefdom this happens to be. See where this is going? Enjoy!

This is a bit of an odd caption—I challenged myself to use the male and female names involved, and this pic jumped out at me—but it’s clearly related to any number of salon makeover caps I’ve done in the past. For instance, “Break My Spirit” and “Bride to Be” spring to mind, both from the year before last.


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