Amanda Recommends Kendall

I’d like to commend my fellow (if that’s the right word) captioneer Kendall for the quality of her TG captions. Her work is always well produced; the graphics and layout are terrific, and she puts just as much care into her text (which too few of us do). That’s worth celebrating all by itself.

I’d also like to call attention to Kendall’s recent eight-part caption sequence, “All According to Plan“, which is really a well-written example of TG fiction. It actually bears a striking resemblance to my own story from way back in 2007, “The Replacement” (it’s at the bottom of the 2007 page), although Kendall’s story has a nifty twist at the end that I didn’t see coming. (Kudos to Kendall for the way that ending avoids the old bad-guy-wins ethic that too many TG stories use.) I won’t say that her story was directly inspired by mine—because it’s a classic TG theme and great minds sometimes do think alike—but it wouldn’t matter if it was. It’s good all on its own, and the pics she uses to illustrate the story (reasonably tasteful nudes) are hot enough to interest all by themselves. So check out “All According to Plan” and do let Kendall know what you think. Good work deserves to be acknowledged.


6 thoughts on “Amanda Recommends Kendall

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  2. FYI for Kendall: I did try to leave a comment on your website, but I was unable to do so. None of the “Comment as” options works for me. The one that should is “WordPress”, but it’s hardwired for a “http” address. Unfortunately, my WordPress account (along with many/most others) begins with “https”—as it has for the last two or three years since WordPress improved its security. When Blogger updates its commenting software, I and other WordPress users will be able to again provide comments. (Note: some Blogger websites provide “anonymous” as a commenting option, but yours does not. Otherwise I would have used it.)


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