A Flaw in the Plan

Flaw in the PlanHere’s the scene: You’re a guy who happens to have a fairly hot twin sister, and her boss is giving her a hard time—you know, the way that Dump dude is rumored to treat women. So whaddya do? Punch the guy’s lights out? Stick a scorpion in his corn flakes? Not so fast; stuff like that could get you get you arrested. As it happens, her husband has a better idea. Give the boss what he wants, then make him choke on it (figuratively speaking). You’re her twin brother, right? So here’s what you do… Yep, I’m pretty sure you know where this is going. So check out the PDF and confirm your worst suspicions!

Not having a sister, I don’t do a lot of sister caps. (I can only recall this one.) But in terms of a clueless guy being tricked or coerced into cross-dressing this caption does kinda remind me of “Bride to Be” and “Two Heads as One” from 2015, and “View to a Kill” from way back in 2013. It would seem that I work more with voluntary cross-dressers than those who have to be talked into it (although I might have written a story or two in that vein). Maybe I’ll return to that meaty subject more often in the future.


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