The Pact promo

The Pact promoIn the isolated New England town of Arkhade, Mass., a centuries-old agreement between two families forces a young man to choose between keeping the gender of his birth, and becoming the dutiful daughter his mother wants him to be. Or to put it another way, between door #1: the freedom to choose the path of his life, and door #2: servitude as the wife of a man able to call upon awesome dark powers from another world. Some choice, huh? This short novel may well be the only story ever written to combine these three mighty pillars of Western culture: cross-dressing, Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, and the good ole gang from Riverdale. (Caveat: The novel doesn’t actually feature Archie and his friends, but the hero of the story, Archer Anders, openly has the same kind of relationships within his own peer group.) This sort of world first is not to be missed! The story is pretty much done and awaits only a final read-through for smoothing out the flow of the prose, and fixing typos and other errors. It’s all about quality control, folks! Depending on how the week goes it could be out before Christmas, but if not then for sure the week leading up to the New Year. Plan your holiday accordingly! 🙂

The Pact promo

The Pact preview poster

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