The World Needs More

The World Needs MoreThe world needs more of a lot of things. More clean energy, more tolerance, more respect for others, more level-headed thinking about pretty much everything. (And more Canada, according to some people, and who am I to argue?) So here’s one more for the list: the world needs more cross-dressers. Why? Think about it. We’re tolerant (comes with the territory), we respect others (as long as they respect us), we’re level-headed (gotta be to pull off the deception). Sure we sneak around behind people’s backs and pretend we’re someone we ain’t, but at least we’re not trying to profit by it. Nobody gets hurt; unlike the kind of sneaking and lying certain politicians seem to be fond of (cough–hrump–cough). Anyway, enjoy the poster!

For other such posters, I’ll point you to these gems: “The Truth About Cross-dressing“, “Let it Happen” and “The Girlfriend“.


The World Needs More

The World Needs More Cross-dressers

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