The Next Miss Yowza

Next Miss YowzaJealousy is one of the strongest human emotions. It can drive men and women to do things they might not otherwise do. Stir in a dash of revenge and who knows what might happen? In this case, a sister’s overwhelming desire to get back at a hated rival pushes her brother into lingerie, a slinky dress and entry into a local beauty pageant. And that’s just for starters.

I’m certainly not suggesting here that all sisters (or mothers) are wont to do something like this; far from it—most women are perfectly decent people who recognize that it would be wrong to coerce a young man into dressing up as a girl. But let’s face it, self-involved people do exist (e.g., Trump!) and a few of them might just be oblivious enough (e.g., a female version of Trump!) to do such a thing. So let’s just chalk the whole thing up to dramatic license and enjoy this odd little story. Peace.


3 thoughts on “The Next Miss Yowza

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