A Discouraging Word

Discouraging WordThere can be a lot of negativity associated with being a cross-dresser. That’s not news to anyone who frequents this website. Some people can be cruel about what we look like or even who we are, perhaps without even realizing that what they’re saying is hurtful. But what’s worse is that we often do it to ourselves. Having a negative self-image is all too common among cross-dressers, and that can spill over into how we see ourselves when we dress. So this is my playful attempt to say that we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. Maybe you pass better than you think, and even if not—what the heck, cut yourself some slack anyway. You deserve it.

I don’t recall doing another caption quite like this one. I did write one called “Self-respect“, but it came at the idea from a different angle. “Public Gender” from 2014 covered some of the same territory, but in a different way.


Discouraging Word

A Discouraging Word caption

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