When Ordinary Hair Won’t Do

Ordinary Hair Won't DoAs many of my readers may have realized by now, I do seem to have a deep appreciation for long lovely hair. (Not too long, of course; halfway down one’s back is quite long enough for me.) And the salon scene has a long and hallowed history in cross-dressing fiction, almost to the point of being mandatory. If you write TG fiction, sooner or later you’ll find yourself writing a salon scene, and I of course have crafted my fair share. (Okay, more than my fair share. But who’s counting?) So here’s my paean to the salon scene, as it relates to lovely long hair (as you knew it would). Enjoy!

Along these same lines you might want to check out “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and “Break My Spirit“. And salon scenes do have a habit of cropping up in many of my longer stories. Pesky things. They’re hard to get rid of. 🙂


One thought on “When Ordinary Hair Won’t Do

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