The Divine Miss Taylor

Divine Miss TaylorCross-dressing can be a hard road to travel, so who could possibly blame a poor cross-dresser who’s fed up with this sort of dual existence from seeking psychological help? Specifically, a clinic that offers the latest in gender dysphoria treatments—that’s right, transgender aversion therapy. You may have encountered the concept before, in some previous visit to this website. Now it’s back, bigger and better and more transformative than ever. Enjoy!


P.S. To my American friends: I hate to stick my pretty little nose in where it do not belong, but it’s my hope that no one who sees this will vote for Trump. He do NOT care about people like us. Heck, he’s your classic narcissist; he don’t care about anyone but his little ole self. A president Trump would do what’s best for Trump; not for for the country, not for the world, and surely not for cross-dressers. Hillary may not be the best thing since sliced bread, but she sure do beat the alternative all to hell. And now back to our regular gender-bent programming…

4 thoughts on “The Divine Miss Taylor

  1. I usually *love* everything you produce….not this one. “She” is more of a mysoginistic ***hole in girl mode than HE could possibly have been.

    • That’s okay. It’s satire and the humor is a bit over the top. You’re quite right about the girl-mode thing, although a lot of cross-dressed characters seem to go over the top in that way. Overcompensating, I suppose. In this case, blame the bogus therapy he/she received. Hopefully the woman he becomes at the end is a better and realer person, although the ending is too abrupt to show that. Oh, well.

      I’m glad you love my other stuff. I’d love to hear more about that as well; on the appropriate page, of course. 🙂

    • Evil might be a step too far, but he surely is extraordinarily self-involved; a classic narcissist. And he’s nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is, which is a dangerous combination. That’s what ‘evil’ is, IMHO: selfishness, a lack of empathy, animal cunning… sadly, the man has all that in spades.

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