Ambrosia for Your Lips

Ambrosia for Your LipsAs an icon of femininity, lipstick is right up there with long hair (naturally), shaved legs, some serious boobage, and a little black dress with a self-tie belt. As with most of these things it’s easy for a guy to get a little carried away, especially if he’s not used to the feminine object in question. This, I’m afraid, is all part of the cross we cross-dressers are fated to carry. Such is life.

In terms of obsessive cross-dressing, this is reminiscent of recent items like “Irresistible” and “Compulsion and the Cross-dresser“, but in terms of feminine attributes taking control of our actions it also reminds me of the “ponytail-takes-over” captions. The list, undoubtedly, goes on. Enjoy!


Ambrosia for Your Lips

Ambrosia for Your Lips caption

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