Response to Odd Message

I recently received a rather strange message through the website’s Contact page. It was unusual enough that I didn’t feel comfortable emailing the person, but the answer may be pertinent to others so I decided to answer it publicly.

I won’t reveal the sender’s username (for obvious reasons), but here’s the text of the query: “How do o get your vidioses on my cell phone? What is the cost are they free are per unit“. That was the extent of it. I’ll assume that the sender’s first language isn’t English, so let’s not quibble about minor issues like spelling and grammar.

First of all, I don’t post videos on this website. I did post that Seinfeld thing a few weeks back, but that was a one-off and in any case it wasn’t my work. I do now and then post captions with animated GIFs, but those aren’t really videos as I understand the word. They’re just a different type of graphics file.

I assume that the real question was about how to view my usual content on a cell phone. The short answer is: I have no idea. I don’t use a smartphone and have never viewed a PDF or a graphics file on a cell phone. Frankly, I don’t know how anyone could read this material on such a tiny screen. I suppose you could shift the viewing area around—back and forth, up and down—while reading the thing, but that doesn’t strike me as being very user-friendly. So I don’t see much of a call for that (no pun intended). A pad or a tablet or a desktop monitor (like I use) is much to be preferred.

A better question, which the sender may have been trying to get at, is how to read my stories on a cell phone. At the moment, since all my stories are published in PDF form, I suspect that viewing them on a tiny screen would be difficult if not impossible. So for the stories presently posted on this website, you’re probably out of luck. Again, a pad or tablet computer would be better, or even an e-book device that can handle the PDF format.

However! I do intend to begin publishing my work (the stories at least) in one or more of the standard e-reader formats (as well as PDF, most likely). I’m assuming that at least some smartphones are able to handle such formats, and then adapt the text so that it can be read on the small screen. So in the future, my longer stories should be readable in this way. I will probably also create e-reader versions of some of my previous major stories, but most of the website’s present content will remain as it is.


4 thoughts on “Response to Odd Message

  1. Any Smartphone can download a PDF Reader and there by read your work. small fonts can be worked around to some extent.

    • Thanks for the info. I figured as much; PDFs are too common for it to be otherwise. For myself, I can’t imagine doing much reading on a small phone screen. I guess I’m just too used to my nice big monitor. 🙂

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