Dream of Acceptance

I was rewarded last night for yesterday’s record-breaking four-poster. It was a simple dream, yet one like no other. I was out and about in broad daylight, wearing a simple skirt-and-blouse combo (including a nicely stuffed bra) and just enough going on in terms of face and hair to pass as a woman (at least to the casual onlooker). It was an ordinary street, with small shops and a modicum of foot traffic, and I was strolling down the sidewalk when who should pass by but—let’s call her my “significant other”. She did a literal double-take but kept walking, whereas I (figuratively) did that thing where cartoon characters have their eyes pop out of their sockets. Then I turned tail and headed for my vehicle. I glanced back once to see that she had stopped and was looking my way. Yikes! In the dream, needless to say, she knows nothing of my little hobby.

So I get in the car (back seat) and start counting my lucky stars, such as they are, and fumble with the bra strap because I’ve gotta get this stuff off, like, now. Next thing I know, the opposite door opens and she gets in. Forgot to hit the damn lock button, obviously. “So this is what you get up to when I’m not around,” she says (or words to that effect). I begin a hopelessly mealy-mouthed apology but she waves it off. “It’s okay,” she says. “I don’t mind.”

I don’t mind! … Lemme tell you, those words are magic.

I don’t often have dreams that feature cross-dressing, but when I do they always involve sneaking around and being fearful of discovery. Sometimes people in the dream don’t seem to notice the way I’m dressed (usually only partly in female attire), yet I’m terrified that they will. And always there’s the feeling of guilt, like I’m doing something that should really be locked in a dungeon and buried under a rock because it’s icky and just plain wrong.

In all my decades of these dreams, not once did anyone, much less someone I care about, come out and say “I don’t mind”. It’s more or less what happened in my story “Acceptance“, which I wrote back in 2013, so well might you ask, what took me so long? Well, maybe the dream world lags wherever it is stories come from by three and a half years. Whatever the case, this dream was a welcome change of pace in the here and now.


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