Transgender Aversion Therapy

Transgender Aversion TherapyAs both a science and an area of medicine, psychology is far more prone to fads and fallacies than any of its peers. It isn’t possible to peer inside the mind itself, and the various methods of probing the brain are of limited use in trying to figure out how and why we think these thoughts that make us who we are. So who knows what the field will come up with next, especially with all these people who think that something like being gay can be cured. Is it really so unlikely that someone might try to cure cross-dressing with aversion therapy? But I think we all know how that would go…

This is kind of a follow-up to my “therapy” series of captions: “Transgender Enhancement Therapy” from 2013, “Transgender Conversion Therapy” and “Transgender Commitment Therapy” from 2014, and just for fun you can toss “Swap Therapy” in there too. When I think of another kind of psychotherapy that can be subverted in this way, I’ll let you know. Enjoy!


P.S. Did anyone pick up on the subtle homage in this caption to a classic Kubrick film? It’s in the expression on her face and her thought bubble. It doesn’t exactly match “I was cured, all right“, but close enough. It makes for a slightly different, and more disturbing, twist to this tale.

Aversion Therapy

Transgender Aversion Therapy caption

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