Mother of the Bride

Mother of the BrideI don’t know how many Medallions of Zulo are currently in circulation (must be a lot), but this little story is proof positive that bad things can (and would) happen if and when bad people—you know, self-centered narcissistic types like the Donald—get their greedy little mitts on the thing. So chalk this up as a cautionary tale, and if you ever actually find the Medallion—and use it, I would hope, to your great-but-unselfish benefit—for God’s sake be careful who you pass it to next!

As many of you know, I often rail at stories and captions wherein some guy gets exactly what he wants, but at the expense of some poor woman who winds up losing her body, or at least having her good name and reputation trashed. That ain’t right! And then here I go and write a story where that’s exactly what happens—twice! What’s up with that? Well, I’ve done it before so this is nothing new. But I’m not a total hypocrite. It’s a matter of following the story where it wants to go. I didn’t set out to write a tale where the bad guy comes up with the prize, it just happened to work out that way. Trying to force a different kind of ending would have made the story feel false. So even though I’m philosophically opposed to these sorts of endings, I’m stuck with it. I suppose any other TG author could say the same, but the sheer number of these stories out there makes me think that most of them are due more to sloppy writing; specifically, not thinking through the consequences that one character’s actions have on the others. They’re real people, I often say, at least for the duration of the story.

Stepping into the archives, this story reminds me of “Inside Job” and “Body Swapping” from 2015, and 2014’s “Disbelief“. Attentive students might be able to find other examples.


Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride promo caption

4 thoughts on “Mother of the Bride

    • Well, I think you’re misusing the word “terrorist”, and there’s no “negotiating” in this story, but those quibbles aside the Terence character here definitely is a nasty piece of work. And as another aside, while skimming through this story I found TWO typos I somehow overlooked in my normally exhaustive proofreading. AUGH!

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