IrresistibleFor a cross-dresser, the mirror holds a special fascination. Watching as a female image and a feminine identity is slowly assembled before your very eyes is a pleasure that mere muggles cannot hope to understand. And there comes a time when you cross the line from the noticeably male to the ineffably female, and you find yourself staring into the eyes of a real honest-to-God woman. Like, wow! And you realize… this is she who MUST be obeyed. Whatever this woman wants, you will do your best to lay it at her feet. She is every woman you’ve ever known and admired—mother, sister, teacher, girlfriend—all rolled into one. And you find that you can no more resist her than you could stop breathing. Sure, anyone can hold their breath for awhile, but you know damn well who’s gonna win in the end. Enjoy!

This caption is similar to yesterday’s cap, with an extra helping of cross-dressing obsession. For more of that sort of thing, check out “The Games We Play” and “Compulsion and the Cross-dresser” from earlier this year.



Irresistible caption

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