Change of Pace

Change of PaceBeing a guy is such a drag (no pun intended). (Well, okay, pun intended—like you didn’t know.) Or at least it can be, at times. When that happens, how better to deal with it than slipping into something (or someone) a little more comfortable? Just for a change of pace (although this caption certainly is NOT a change of pace for this website). Anyway, enjoy!

This cap is similar to quite a few others. But if you restrict it to voluntary cross-dressing and a makeup mirror, then “Compulsion” is a close fit. Also “No More Excuses” from last year. By the way, someone recently left a comment on “The Girlfriend” from two years back, which gave me an excuse to reread the whole thing (not just the cap itself). Hate to toot my own horn, but it really is cute and funny and rather sweet. Kudos, Ms. Hawkins!


Change of Pace

Change of Pace caption

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