Perchance to Dream

Perchance to DreamHere’s the setup: you’re a young guy without a whole lot going for yourself physically, and for your eighteenth birthday you receive the ultimate gift: a costume gun. (I say A costume gun because there’s gotta be more than one of the damn things kicking around, right? They’re everywhere!) So here’s the question: your mother is standing right there and she’s pretty good-looking for her age, all things considered. No one else is around. Whaddya do?

Time’s up! It was a trick question. You know damn well what you’d do. Did I forget to mention that the hero of this tale is a cross-dresser? And that he’s partial to raiding his mother’s closet when she’s not home? Sorry, my bad. Enjoy the vignette. It goes pretty much as you’d expect… at first. Then it goes off in some totally different direction and winds up where you never thought a costume-gun story would or even could go. Woo-hoo, something new!

This is neither the first costume gun story I’ve done, nor is it the first time I’ve written about a son turning into his mother. “Luck Be a Lady” is the most recent example, and there you’ll find a few links to similar stories.


Perchance to Dream

Perchance to Dream promo caption

8 thoughts on “Perchance to Dream

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  4. I don’t have a costume gun, but your story brings back a flood of great memories from when I was 18 and just starting to wear my mother’s clothes way back in the 80’s! I loved parading around in her dresses, skirts, blouses and heels. Her vintage clothes allowed me to look like such a pretty starlet. She also had a few furs that I simply could not get enough of and she loved seeing me wear as well.

    • I’d be worried if you did have a costume gun. Those things are dangerous!

      Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed the story. It sounds like you have good memories of that time in your life, which is fantastic. For most of us, our memories are a trade-off between sheer joy and equally sheer terror (at the thought or threat of being discovered). Sounds like you had (and hopefully still have) a great Mom. Kudos to her!

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    • Thank you! That’s nice to hear. I’ve always thought there’s no point grinding out more of the same-old, same-old; the Web is littered with that stuff already. A caption or story has to have something new about it—a unique twist, a different way of looking at an existing subject, or even just an interesting turn of phrase—or (as they say about something that ain’t fun) it ain’t worth doing!

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