Deal With It

Deal With ItThere are lots of reasons for a man to swap bodies with a woman. Maybe you’re a shy guy and it’s the only way you’re ever likely to get that close to a genuine tits-and-all female body. Maybe you really love shopping and that’s the only way you can shop-til-you-drop without being laughed at. Maybe you’re just that desperate to see what really goes on in the ladies room. Or maybe… you’re on the run from the long arm of the law and being a chick is the only way you’ll ever get to breathe the sweet air of freedom long-term. Or is it? As our hapless antiheroes find out in today’s three-caption set, one way or another, crime just don’t pay. Enjoy!

This caption is a bit different. I’ve done my share of bodyswap tales, but none with quite this premise and certainly not with this outcome (which may not be a bad thing in itself, considering). Both “Inside Job” (from 2015) and “The Game” (from 2014) have some similarities, but are also quite different. A recent four-cap set, “Hostage Situation“, is also somewhat similar but with a much different outcome. So… something new under the sun!


Deal With It

Deal With It caption#1

Deal With It

Deal With It caption#2

Deal With It

Deal With It caption#3

10 thoughts on “Deal With It

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  3. do you know where i could get the unedited image from ‘Deal with it’? I mean without the caption. i would like to make my own caption but i cant seem to do a reverse image search with google for it 😦

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  5. Yeah…. but a nice way to go out. I wanna be Trixie. …well…. look like her. Then find a nice Remington Steele type gentlemen with a large heart and expense account. Anything else…large or not-so-large, I can use to make us both happy. I’m not a porn star wanna be I’m a romantic. Betty Crocker in the kitchen, Bette Davis in the… of the rooms

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