Dear Diary

Dear DiaryPicture it: You’re a young and carefree dude, fresh out of the nest, attending college and living on your own. Your parents helped find you a nice, safe basement suite, with a sweet older lady—as utterly harmless as only an old lady can be—living upstairs as your landlady. You’re set, right? Wrong. Terribly, shockingly, life-changingly wrong… Because one day, through no fault of your own, you find that your hair is swiftly growing far longer than ever before, your skin is softening, your weight is dropping… and you find yourself fearful that you might just be turning into a girl. Read on to find out what happens next!

This tale has some similarities to the recent “Simon Says“, and “Mixing Magic” from last year. A more distant relation might be “Dreams in the Witch House” from 2014. And if you’d care to delve way back in the archives, check out “Bewitched” from 2011. Still, this one’s a bit different…


Dear Diary

Dear Diary: I think I might be…

5 thoughts on “Dear Diary

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  2. Hmm, not sure I like this. It’s well written of course (as always) but that ending… So Roger turns into a cold-hearted bitch with powers. Very unfair, both for him, and for anyone who has the misfortune to run into him.
    That handwriting font was sometimes [hard] to read too.

    • I hear ya. You’re quite right, Roger does get shafted in a way. In essence, he traded his soul for magical powers. That’s a trade some people would make, but it does come with a cost. (Not too surprising where old-style bad witches are concerned.) In a longer piece the cost would be made more evident.

      It is an odd piece. I started with the pic, imagined what sort of situation the person might be in, and just went from there. It doesn’t always work out. Many such experiments have gone nowhere; they never see the light of day. Others come to some sort of completion, without quite adding up to a full-fledged story, so I call ’em “vignettes” and post them. They’ll catch some people’s fancy, but not others. That’s okay.

      Anyway, thanks muchly for the “well written” comment. That’s what really matters, as far as we writers are concerned. 🙂

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