Three Million Views

Three Million ViewsThe Reading Room has just passed yet another milestone: three million views (i.e., web hits, same thing). We struck our first million in April of 2014, two-plus years after the launch of the website, and our second million in June of last year (in less than 15 months). Now, barely over a year later, we’ve reached the big three, meaning that the millions are coming thick and fast. (Well, maybe not that fast, but certainly faster.) And if that doesn’t add up to Progress (with a capital P) then I don’t know what does! (And I don’t.) So touch the icon, if you’re of a mind to add to my views, to see my latest cool celebratory poster. It does rather resemble the previous poster, but that’s the best “three million” image I could find, so what’s a girl to do?

By the by, the Lady Three Million thing makes sense only if you refer back to the poster I designed for my first million. Seems like I’m stuck with it now!


P.S. For those not in the know, it was Helen Reddy who popularized the phrase “I am woman, hear me roar” in her signature hit “I Am Woman“. The song became an anthem of sorts for the women’s lib movement in this part of the world, and it has a place in my heart as well.

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    • Thanks, Dee. Finding one’s site is always an issue for any author, especially as I don’t make the slightest effort to post every day. (Why fill up a website with blather? People should only post when they have something of value to add.) All my other locations on the web (twitter, Pinterest, Deviant Art, even my presence on TGComics) are designed to funnel traffic here, which is the only place where everything I write is posted. Links from other blogs are also very important, especially big link collections like World of TG. If anyone knows of any other way to publicize a website (a TG one in particular), I’d love to hear about it!

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