Simon Says

Simon SaysMeet Simon. He’s your average twenty-something guy with a job and a student debt load the size of Texas (or at least Colorado), but he’s about to step into… a twilight zone (not the twilight zone; that’s been taken). He gets a call from a buddy of his, whose hair—if you can believe it, because Simon can’t—has just turned into a wig! And the changes don’t stop there, in this romp through what some are bound to call the most absurd… of absurdist transgender fiction. Enjoy!

As fans of my work may have already realized, this short story has much in common with a longer tale from earlier this year, “That Old Black Magic“. Here too, our tale begins with a simple (if utterly absurd) premise: that bits of a man’s body can suddenly turn into parts of a disguise, which can then be removed to reveal… well, that would be telling, wouldn’t it? Here too, I expected this premise to work itself out in a few pages, and ended up with a bunch more (14 this time). Another story finds its true length.


3 thoughts on “Simon Says

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    • Well, it’s magic, so pretty much anything’s possible. Maybe neither of them is fertile. Maybe the fact that one of them is always female means that the pregnancy swaps back and forth as well, like a hot potato (“you give birth!” “no, you!”). Maybe they pester the landlady until she gives in and sticks Amy with the baby instead. Who knows? Sky’s the limit! 🙂

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