GenderfluidI’m not sure how long the concept of “genderfluid” has been around, but there can be no doubt that whatever generation gap might exist between a parent and child, if the child is so inclined then “genderfluid” is now part of the conversation (even if said conversation exists only in the minds of those concerned). Here’s how one such chat might play out, between a perplexed mother and the son who has apparently smashed all speed records in his amazingly thorough shift from one side of the spectrum to the other. Enjoy!

I’ve never used the term “genderfluid” before, so in that sense this caption is breaking new ground. But for conversations between a mother and a cross-dressing son, I’ll refer you to “Welcome to Womanhood” from 2015, “Tranny, Phone Home” from 2013, and “The Housewife” from 2012. Surprisingly, I haven’t written all that many. Captions where the mother coerces her son into dressing up as a woman, and perhaps becoming a younger version of herself, are a bit different in that the driving force behind the conversion is the mother rather than the son (as it is in today’s cap).


3 thoughts on “Genderfluid

  1. This cap is super cool as someone who identifies as genderqueer/non-binary. Way to go breaking new capping ground! ~DAGS

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